Building a Lean Mean, Lead Generation Machine With Outbound Prospecting (2020)

In this webinar we’ll be taking a deep dive into how Prospecting fits into the Outbound Sales process and how SaaS founders, entrepreneurs, and freelance/consultants can design and deploy their own Lead Generation Machines to build a repeatable and scalable sales process.

To build a Lean, Mean, Lead Generating Machine we will cover:

  1. The importance of developing your Ideal Customer Profile and Buyer Personas
  2. Adding personalization through research
  3. Crafting compelling messaging
  4. Selecting the correct cadence for outreach
  5. The tools and setup required to build your lead generating machine


Watch the 2023 edition of this video here: Building A Lean, Mean, Lead Generating Machine With Outbound Prospecting (2023 Version)


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