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We offer a number of services to support you with your Clay setup, automations and implementations.


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Clay Templates

Automate Tedious Data Clean Up & Formatting

Normalise company names, clean emails, split full name to first name & remove emojis.

Old customers + New jobs = Hot leads

Use this template to check old customers or prospects and find new job info and emails.

Save 1 Hour A Day With This Prospect Research

Use this template to quickly research prospects before you call, email or engage with them.

Clay Videos

Using Clay To Understand Persona Problems Fast & Twain To Write Awesome Emails Never write a cold email from scratch again with Clay, Open AI and Twain. In this video I’ll walk through the exact process I go through when …

Checking Old Lists OR Past Clients & Finding New Emails With Clay Data decays at a staggering rate of at least 30% per year, rendering valuable information in your CRM obsolete. Moreover, with the constant flux of professionals moving between …

Automating Prospect Research With Clay Save 1 Hour A Day With This Prospect Research Workflow. Ideal for SDR’s and any sales reps who need to quickly research prospects before they call, email or engage with. Simply add in the prospects …

Find 1000’s Of Prospects & Accounts For Free in Less Than 3 Mins with Clay It’s never been easier to build lists of accounts or people to prospect to. And in this video I walk through how I create lists …