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For B2B SaaS Companies & Agencies

Some of the companies I've advised, coached and worked with.

I help B2B SaaS Companies & Agencies generate revenue through...


Engagements focused on outbound strategy, sales process optimisations, leveraging Clay, sales tech & training your team. Ideal if you have the capacity in house, but need strategic input.


Like therapy, but specifically for Agency Leaders, from a 2x Agency Owner (with one exit). Core focus is on new business development, service delivery and people. This is not a coaching program.

My Approach

Why Outbound Fails

Having seen behind the scenes of over 250 outbound prospecting campaigns – I can tell you a thing or thirty about why outbound fails. 

Typically it falls into the following categories:

  • Domain & Mailbox Technical Setup
  • Not using up to date or clean data
  • Targeting the wrong people with the wrong message at the wrong time 
  • Campaigns not optimised for delivery

Fortunately, I help our clients avoid these mistakes and run successful outbound prospecting campaigns that generate replies, meetings booked and significant pipeline.

Intent Vs Triggers vs Nurture

Only 3% of your market are actively buying at one time. 7% intend to change soon and 90% are not “in-market”.

So, if you aren’t leveraging intent data and triggers to find the top 10%, you’re not going to generate enough pipeline or revenue.

And what about the remaining 90%? 

If you’re just pitching them your solution when they’re not interested, they probably won’t remember you when the time is right.

I recommend a 3 tiered approach of leveraging intent data, triggers and also nurture campaigns.

Read the detailed guide.

Future-Proofing Your Tech Stack

With 1000’s of tech options out there and persuasive Marketing about the latest AI shortcut to 10x your pipeline – it can be hard to know where to start.

Most of the time, adding one or two data sources and enrichment providers can completely turnaround your pipeline generation campaigns.

As well as reduce the amount of time spent by sales team on research, personalisation and manual processes.

I love tech, but only when it works for you and your business.

About Mark Colgan

I have over 14 years of experience in B2B Sales and Marketing (mostly SaaS) having worked at FTSE 50 companies to venture-backed startups and more recently in bootstrapped productised service agencies. And I’m a Techstars Alumni.

I started working at the coalface of sales in the boiler room environment of recruitment agencies. After a few years in recruitment I moved into Marketing and led the implementation of several CRM and MarTech stacks (before it was even called RevOps).

More recently I’ve led a 100+ remote person lead research business as General Manager (responsible for all revenue) and in 2020 started my own Podcast PR Agency which serves B2B SaaS companies like Gong, Paddle, Hopin, Genesys, Treasure Data and hundreds more. 

I led the GTM efforts and generated over $1,000,000 in revenue before exiting in December 2022.

“What makes you different?”

  • I’ve personally closed over $1,000,000 in revenue in the last 2.5 years.
  • I’ve generated millions of dollars in net new ARR for B2B SaaS companies over the past 5 years.
  • I lead the Outbound Prospecting course and Cold Email Writing Bootcamp at Sales Impact Academy and have coached 1000’s of SDR’s.
  • My Digital PR Agency achieved an average 65% response rate (often higher) from our outreach.
  • I previously ran TaskDrive, a lead research and data enrichment service, and oversaw the optimization of 100’s of customers’ outbound email campaigns.
  • I’ve advised and optimized over 250 companies outbound prospecting campaigns and speak with dozens of founders each month.

People come to me when they’re struggling to get replies, book meetings, and close deals through outbound prospecting.

I’m originally from the UK, but currently live in Lisbon, where I spend a lot of time trying not to get too sun burnt (even in winter). I’m an average golfer, getting into cycling and love travelling.

You’ll often hear me saying “por que no?” (why not?) to anything that sounds fun or gets the heart racing like wingwalking, skydiving and paramotoring.

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