Cold Emails = Eric Morecambe

Right now, a lot of the cold email advice and emails that I receive are giving me Eric Morecambe vibes…

That is: “I’m playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order.”

Here’s an example of an email that is following most of the “best practices”, however, they just aren’t getting it quite right.

In the image I highlight 6 areas where the message just doesn’t land as intended. Below are my suggestions of how to fix each one:

  1. If you lead with an intriguing subject line, then your message needs to match
  2. Cut the fake pleasantries and focus on a problem/challenge that I might be facing
  3. Segment your lists correctly to avoid this mistakes
  4. Check your merge tags by testing a few emails before you start the sequence
  5. Be super clear about how you can help and use customer stories / social proof to back this up
  6. Make the interest based CTA appealing and encourage a reply from your prospects

How are you feeling about your emails. Are you playing all the right notes, but in the wrong order?

If so, you’re probably getting <5% reply rates.

I’m back in business from next week, so if you fancy a chat to see if I can help you play all the right notes, in the right order, book a call with me here: 

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