Lead Sourcing Playbooks for B2B Companies

97% of prospects aren’t actively looking to purchase…so building lists based on job titles is pointless…

Just because they match your buyer persona, doesn’t mean they are interested in hearing from you right now.

Instead, you need to focus on triggers or signals…

Here are 14 Lead Sourcing Playbooks, that help you find prospects who may have an intent to buy soon.

Lead Sourcing Playbook Descriptions

The Social Expansion Playbook

The Social Expansion playbook helps you identify thought leaders and influencers within your target audience, and build a list of leads who have interacted with them on social media. When people engage with a post, they are giving you a signal that they may be interested in buying the product or service you offer.

The In Market Playbook

With the In Market Playbook, you can identify leads who have expressed an interest in a competitor or complementary product or service. So, they will most likely be interested in your product as well.

The Currently Hiring Playbook

With the Currently Hiring playbook, you will be identifying companies that are hiring new staff, ie. actively investing in expanding their departments.

Usually, when a team is growing, they often face new challenges, and maybe your service or product can help them. Make sure to identify who the hiring manager is and verify their contact details before starting your outbound sequence.

The Web Scrape Playbook

The Web Scrape Playbook helps you scrape structured data from websites using web scraping tools. However, keep in mind that some sources will have contact details while others will not. So, you may need to use automated data enrichment tools ( like Seamless.ai, Clearbit) or perform data enrichment manually.

The Event Hijack Playbook

When a company attends an event, that usually means they are open to meeting new vendors or partners. The Event Hijack playbook allows you to manually research or scrape event-related data and create a list of conference attendees.

The Competitor Playbook

The Competitor Playbook can be used to identify your competitors’ channels and groups where you can identify potentially interested contacts. Using Phantombuster or another similar tool, you can pull data from these channels or groups and then enrich the data by using LinkedIn and Hunter.io.

The New Role Playbook

When a person starts a new role, they are more likely to make a purchasing decision. You can identify and build a list of leads that have recently changed their job title on LinkedIn. Use LinkedIn and save searches and see when your ideal customers start a new role.

The Reverse IP Playbook

With a tool like Leadfeeder or Albacross, you can easily identify which companies are visiting your website. There is a high chance that these leads are in the buying process since they are doing the research and gathering information so they can make a decision. All you have to do is reach out to them by phone or simply enroll them in your outreach campaign.

The Technology Playbook

If you are a SaaS or complementary solution than you would want to knot when your prospects install a certain technology. When you know this information you can reach out to them and offer your consulting or product that you have and can help them leverage the technology they are already using.

The Account Update Playbook

Finding out when news or updates occur in your target accounts using a tool like Owler, you’ll receive news alerts as they happen. You can then use this information to initiate a conversation with your prospects.

The Intent Playbook

LeadSift is an intent data platform that can help you identify prospects who are already talking with your competitors or those who have already shown an intent to purchase. By combining this intent data and personalized email outreach, you can reach out and start conversations that would most likely finish with the sale.

The Reviewer Playbook

If you are looking for more places to find prospects you could check out review websites like G2, Capterra, and GetApp. The information these websites will help you understand prospects’ pain points and what they are looking for in a solution.

Once you identify the reviewer and find their contact information you can send a personalized email that focuses on their pain points and explaining how your product helps solve them.

The “Show Me the Money” Playbook

Whan the companies are rasing and receiving funding there is a good opportunity that they will be in a purchasing process, to invest those resources into growth. That’s why you should be on the lookout for this information. It’s a good trigger moment to reach out and initiate a conversation with them and share value with them.

With Crunchbase you can set up daily or weekly alerts to notify you when new companies raise funds.

The “Clone” Playbook

Simply record a process that your highly paid SDRs or executives are doing and then send it over to TaskDrive so they can clone it and work on the task 40 hours a week.

This Clone Yourself Playbook is particularly useful for the research tasks and finding data that can’t be found in any databases or platforms.

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