Automating Prospect Research With Clay

Save 1 Hour A Day With This Prospect Research Workflow.

Ideal for SDR’s and any sales reps who need to quickly research prospects before they call, email or engage with.

Simply add in the prospects LinkedIn Profile URL and you’ll automatically see the following:

  • A short overview of their company and who they sell to
  • A summary of their personal experience
  • A summary of challenges they face in their role based on the company they work for and who the sell to
  • How long they’ve been in their role
  • Employee headcount growth (3 months and 12 months)
    and more

Work With Us

Need To Future-Proof Your Pipeline?

We optimise existing & build new intent, trigger & nurture based outbound campaigns that generate pipeline (and you can run yourself).

Please note:

Due to travel plans, getting married in May and being at capacity…I can not take on any new clients before June 2024.

But, if that works for you, please book a call for then.