Checking Old Lists OR Past Clients & Finding New Emails With Clay

Data decays at a staggering rate of at least 30% per year, rendering valuable information in your CRM obsolete.

Moreover, with the constant flux of professionals moving between companies, maintaining accurate prospect information becomes even more daunting.

In this video, I show you how you can solve this problem using Clay and Clayagent.

Here’s the step by step process to revive your stale data and ensure its accuracy:

  1. Upload your old data to Clay: Start by bringing in your outdated CRM info or prospecting list.
  2. Use Clayagent to see if your contacts are still in the same roles and companies.
  3. Discover Changes: If someone’s moved on, ClayAgent helps us track down their new gig – title, company, and all.
  4. Find Those Emails: Last but not least, we hunt down those new work emails, so you’re all set to engage with them.

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