Using Clay To Understand Persona Problems Fast & Twain To Write Awesome Emails

Never write a cold email from scratch again with Clay, Open AI and Twain.

In this video I’ll walk through the exact process I go through when writing emails from clients. Oftentimes I don’t have a lot of context about the personas that I’m reaching out to.

So I use Clay and Open AI to learn more about the 3 main problems the personas face as well as:

  • The importance of these problems
  • The personal and professional impact of not solving the problems
  • How the companies solutions can help solve the problems

In addition, it takes that information and suggest 5 triggers I could use to make my messaging more relevant.

All I need to do is add in the Company Name, Domain and ICP details and it provides this information automatically.

At the end of the video, I show how I use Twain to improve the emails even further.

Get the Clay Shared Template for free below.

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