Masters of SaaS – The 2021 Guide To Outbound SaaS Sales

In this episode, Mark Colgan, Co-Founder & CRO of Speak On Podcasts, shares his 10 years experience in outbound sales Mark previously ran a team of 100 outbound prospectors, he’s a coach for sales impact academy, startup advisor and mentor and he now runs an agency called speak on podcasts. The conversation is a deep […]

B2B Revenue Acceleration – Getting Your Lead Research Right w/ Mark Colgan

Just because a prospect matches your buyer persona, it doesn’t mean they want to buy your product. You’ve got to find triggers or signals to get in front of accounts more likely to be in the market for a solution like yours. In this episode, we interview Mark Colgan, Co-Founder and CRO at Speak On Podcasts and Outbound Prospecting Coach […]

Marketing-Led Growth – Deconstructing The Buyer Centric Revenue Model

In this podcast I share my buying preferences for Marketing + Sales: ✅aware of vendors via peers/network/referrals/WOM/influencers via content/social/communities (tks to Marketing + Marketing’s influence on peers) ✅learn about/try/buy vendors via peers and website (tks to Marketing) w/OPTION for Sales ❌Turn off + tune out: telemarketing, email spam, LinkedIn spam, bribery via gift cards (Sales […]